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Watt Is It? – How We Measure Energy

Within ZERO EMISSION WORLD, we do our best to keep the technical terms to a minimum. Unfortunately, when it comes to energy, some technical terms are just unavoidable. As such, to ensure you always know what we are talking about, here are some simple definitions for the various energy-related terms that we use.

Q1 // What is a Watt?

A watt, symbolised by W, measures the rate at which energy flows.1 An excellent way to picture this is by imagining a tap. The larger the tap, the faster the energy can flow out of it. An example of a device that has a low flow rate is an incandescent light bulb. This generally has a rating of around 100 watts. At a larger scale, a typical coal power plant has a high flow rate of around 500 million watts.2

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03 // The watt is named after James Watt (1736 -1819).3

Q2 // What is a Watt-hour?

A Watt-hour measures energy quantities and is symbolised by ‘Wh’. To calculate energy quantities, the flow rate is multiplied by the number of hours the device was used for.4 For example, a 100 Watt light bulb running for one hour uses 100 Watt-hours, whereas a 100 Watt light bulb running for ten hours uses 1,000 Watt-hours.

Q3 // How Much is a Kilowatt-hour?

One kilowatt-hour, symbolised by ‘kWh’, is equal to 1000 Watt-hours.5 For example, one standard 100 Watt light bulb running for ten hours consumes 1000 Watt-hours, or 1 kWh. This unit is typically used for larger amounts of energy such as domestic energy bills. For example, the average UK home will consume around 50 kWh per day.6

Q4 // How Much is a Megawatt Hour?

One megawatt-hour is 1,000 kilowatt-hours and is symbolised by MWh.7 For example, one 100 watt light bulb running for ten thousand hours consumes 1 MWh of energy. This unit is used for very large quantities of energy, such as a factory. For example, around 19 MWh of energy is required to make a car.8

One light bulb consumes around 100 Watt-hours of energy for each hour it is used.

Q5 // How Much is a Gigawatt Hour?

One gigawatt hour equals 1000 megawatts hours, and is symbolised by ‘GWh’.9 For example, one standard light bulb running for ten million hours consumes 1 GWh. This unit is used for even larger quantities of energy, such as the wind farm which can generate some 280 GWh per year.10

How Fossil Fuels Took Over the World

Now we know how to measure energy, we need to understand what made fossil fuels so popular and why we are still so reliant on them even today. Let’s get started by selecting the link below.

Image Credits

Title image created by Ase and reproduced under license from Shutterstock.

Image of James Watt painted by Carl Frederik von Breda and released into the public domain.

Image of light bulbs created by Tottem Torro and reproduced under license from Adobe Stock.

General Notes

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For further information about any of the above sources, please visit the ZERO EMISSION WORLD Works Cited page.

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